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Two Legged Table

TLT Industries

Two Legged Table is a TV and Movie type of podcast. Our Pod consists of Watch and Reviews as well as Deep Dives. Watch and Reviews are just that, we watch a film or series and review/critique it. No, we are not film critics and everything we say in these Watch and Reviews is our opinions and should be taken on a comedic or non serious note. As for those Deep Dives. In the Deep Dive episodes we dissect the messages that are brought forward as well as add researched and developed information and opinions that relate these messages to our modern culture, society and history. These Deep Dive episodes can get dark and opinionated at times. These are to be consumed at the listeners discretion. However, we will do our absolute best to keep things light at heart and a fun adventure to partake in. If you like the way all of this sounds then please feel free to stop by and give us a listen, after all, you did read the whole description...